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Case of Pleuropulmonary Blastoma
Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma


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Welcome aboard !  

Hope you are doing well! Depending up on you stumbled upon this website looking for me or the information on the malady; I really hope to help you find what you came for! This little website has been designed by my dad on my behalf and aims at providing information about this rare kind of childhood cancer. Please be patient if you find any mistakes and feel free to point out the same.

Lovingly called Gulu, I am Mrunal Bhavsar and was diagnosed of Pleuropulmonary Blastoma, Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma the rare childhood cancer at the age of 3.5 years. My dad was inspired to create my pages as he couldn't find information substantial enough on Pleuropulmonary Blastoma when I was bed ridden. 

Born on 19-Jul-1996 I lived in Ahmedabad, India; I unfortunately lost my battle with cancer on 16-Feb-2000, when everybody was thrilled to step into the 21st Century.

I wish this site turns out to be of help to you in some or the other way. You will be able to find day-by-day history of my illness, various treatments, investigations, reports and diagnosis, etc. through the links on the left. 

As a final point, I pray to God to keep this world free of deadly diseases. It was definitely depressing as a child, to witness all the heart breaking moments that my mumma, papa and all the other family members had to go through while they watched me eventually fade away.

Let us together try and fight Cancer !

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